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Very Simple Model Recipes That Anyone Can Make At Home | Healthy Vegetarian Options, For Anyone Looking For A Quick On The Go Meal Idea, & Super Tasty Poke Bowl Ideas For You To Try On Your Own | Sanne Vloet

Hey Guys,

This video made me miss Asia so much! If you’re from Asia name your city and I can let you know if I have visited before! Also, I asked a question on my last IG post @sannevloet to see if any of you guys know which continent I haven’t visited yet! Go leave me a comment if you think you know which one!

Welcome back to a new cooking video! As you guys can see in my thumbnail for this video was shot in Thailand with my friend Billy. I wanted to share a food video that was a little different than my other ones. I really want to know if you guys like this style and what you guys think I can do filming wise for future food videos. I promise I’ll keep making these better based on feedback just like my first “What’s In My Bag” video. Without feedback I wouldn’t have known to make changes to the camera position.

So during our travels I thought I had lost some of my video footage when a bag went missing. Well luckily the bag and footage was recovered so thumbs up for airlines sometimes finding lost luggage!

This style of food is something that has become really popular in New York, Los Angeles, and I’m starting to see them pop up in Amsterdam too. This super easy and delicious meal can be made with any leftover vegetables and if you are vegetarian tofu is a perfect substitute for salmon.

I hope you guys enjoy Chef Billy and I making this quick recipe at the Renaissance in Phuket. If you are new to the channel please subscribe and join the notification squad. Can’t believe it’s already Spring!

Anybody making summer plans already?



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Executive Head Chef @renaissancephuket


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